Our menu

You should not miss our Tortilla chips served with salsa and Guaqamole


Tortilla chips

Small w/ salsa 600kr

Large w/salsa 1150kr

Large w/salsa and Guaqamole 1650kr

The menu

Spicy BBQ chicken

Guacamole, blue cheese sauce

Ginger lamb

Guacamole, greens and tomato salsa

Spice roasted sweet potatoes

Guacamole, spinach, beans and tomato salsa

Jamaican jerk shrimp

Spicy shrimp served with Guacamole, cabbage and mango salsa


1 Taco 820kr

3 Taco combo 2190kr

+ Extra Taco 550kr

In addition we have a delicious Chili sin carne avalable at all times.

Chilli sin carne

With sour cream and tortilla chips. 2190kr

Our margaritas are either served with Tequila or Rum, you choose.


Tequila gold, Triple sec, agave syrup and lime juice
1750 kr

Angry pineapple

Pineapple, Jalapeno and cucumber juice.
2050 kr

A viking vacation

Tequila silver, Triple sec. and berry mix
1950 kr

The melon special

Tequila silver, Triple sec. and melon juice
1750 kr

Frozen Strawberry margarita

Tequila silver, Triple sec, Lime juice and strawberries
2050 kr

Ginger margarita

Tequila silver, Agave syrup, Lime juice and Ginger ale
1550 kr

Happy hour every day from 16 – 19


Beer, worchershire sause, hotsause, Lime and chili salt
950 kr

Frozen Pina colada

Rum, Malibu, Cream and Pinapple.
1950 kr

Tequila sunrise

Tequila silver, Orange juice and grenadine
1450 kr

Tequila Mojito

Tequila silver, Triple se. and Mint
1950 kr

Bottled beer:

Víking Gylltur 850kr

Corona 850kr

Crabbies Ginger 1100kr

Crabbies Strawberry/lime 1100kr

Desperados 1100kr

Tap beer:

Víking 950kr

Víking classik 950kr

Einstök pale ale 1050kr

Einstök white Ale 1050kr


Espresso 340/400kr

Americano 400kr

Cappuccino 450kr

Latte 450kr

Icecoffee 650kr

Syrup/Soya 50kr


 Red wine:

Castellani poggio al cassone chianti Glas/bottle 1400kr/6200kr

Faustino VII bottle 6800kr

White wine:

Castellani vernaccia di san gimignano Glas/bottle 1400kr/6200kr

Faustino VII Blanco Bottle 6800kr

Sparkling wine:

Cava faustino semi seco Bottle 75cl 5200kr

Asti tosti 20cl 1400kr


Coca cola/Zero/Light 450kr

Fanta 450kr

Sprite 450kr

Ginger ale 450kr

Tonic 450kr

Toppur 300/450kr